Sunday, 23 January 2011

How To Make Bio Diesel At Home - Video Tutorial Part 2

Second Part of Video Tutorial - How To Make Bio Diesel At Home

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More Bio Fuel Filtration

This is the basic coffee filter that I have used to filter the Bio Diesel, I briefly cover how to make this biofuel filter from Coke bottles and coffee filter papers in the second video which I will post as soon as it uploads!

After making the Bio Diesel and separating the glycerin filtering allows you to get any last glycerin out of the Biodiesel before the wash phase of the biofuel manufacturing process. After the bio fuel is washed it will need to be filtered again before going into a fuel tank using the same coffee filter paper device to remove any methanol, soap or water.

In the photo below you can see that the bio diesel has filtered through the coffee papers and into the holding container below this process can take some time!

Below you can see the colour of the unwashed fuel, this still contains some methanol and excess Sodium Hydroxide so it will need to be washed and filtered again before it can go into a fuel tank.