Sunday, 23 January 2011

How To Make Bio Diesel Using Coke Bottles - Filtering Waste Vegtable Oil

The first stage in making Bio Diesel from waste vegetable oil is the filtering of the oil to remove food debris a simple filtering system can be constructed from 3 Coca Cola bottles as shown in the photograph below.

The oil is poured in at the top and collected at the bottom a very simple process that can be performed anywhere you can find a 2 litre Coke Bottle and some waste oil!

This is a simple home made filter made out of 2 litre Coca Cola bottles. The waste vegetable oil (WVO) passes through a T-Shirt and then through a pair of tights, this removes any burnt bits of food that may be in the oil.

Above you can see the first part of the filtration process a simple T shirt is enough to remove most food debris from your waste vegetable oil however to be sure all the food debris is removed from the oil another filter is placed in series with the T shirt filter as shown below.

This second filtration of the waste vegetable oil has caught the debris, this photo was taken after filtering 20 litres.

The filtered oil is then collected at the bottom and can then be poured into another Coke bottle ready to be converted into Bio Diesel - BioD for short.

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